personalized weddings cruise


 Whether your wedding is an intimate ceremony or an larger event with many 
​ guests, we will guide you in every way - from the cruise destination,saving money on
booking the cabins, wedding décor, and down to the smallest detail.

The benefits of hiring a professional cruise wedding planner is the following:

​The bride will have a personal wedding planner that will give you personalized attention.

 The cruise lines charge extra when they hear the word “wedding” is involved.

The cruise wedding packages are costly.

The cruise wedding planner is aware of all of the tips to save you money
when booking your wedding cruise.

All wedding cruises are customized based on your needs and budget. 

The cruise wedding planner will sail on the cruise to ensure every detail of your wedding is carefree.

We coordinate wedding cruises directly on the cruise ship or an extraordinary wedding in a
beautiful location in port (or a combination of both).

     Keep in mind, if you book a wedding directly through a cruise line, you will pay a premium. In addition, the cruise line will assign an agent to your wedding and you are “just another bride.”  

     The cruise wedding department books wedding cruises on volume. In most cases you do not speak to the actual wedding day contact until you board the cruise. 

   You will never be on hold for the next available agent to discuss your wedding cruise.  You will receive an email address along with a cell phone number and can contact your                              wedding cruise wedding planner 7 days per week. We want your cruise wedding experience to be stress-free and enjoyable.